A alternative theory to evolution for the origins of life. Intelligent Design is NOT grounded in religion. It does not name a specific entity as the "Intelligent Designer." Instead, it proposes that intelligence is a force in the universe, like gravity, and that its effects can be seen in the development of life on Earth. Unfortunately, the opponents of Intelligent Design have succeeded in convincing the government and public that the theory is religion in disguise and teaching it in public schools violates the seperation of church of state. This myth has been so ruthlessly propogated that any evidence disproving it is flagrantly ignored.
It doesn't matter whether Intelligent Design is correct or not. What does matter is that it is a true scientific theory and deserves to be taught as such, if only to break the monopoly evolution has on scientific theories for the origin of life.
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Intelligent Design is the idea that some all-powerful being created the original elements of the universe or is guiding the events of the universe. This is different from creationism, which is basicly the idea that god made the entire world, as it is today, in a matter of days. Intelligent design is in contrast with evolution and natural selection, which has the development of life occuring by chance. Intelligent Design is primarily used to explain how creatures as different and complex as humans have come to be.

I myself don't believe one way or the other, and don't really think it matters. If one day we learn for a fact that the world was created by a giant blue pastry, how is that going to change our lives? It won't.
Scientist: All life has evolved through Darwin's theory of Natural Selection. The most fit will survive.

Intelligent Design Believe: No way, humans are like 100 times more intelligent than the second smartest animal, and they've radically changed the entire planet in a couple thousand years. That's not natural, something most be helping them.

Creationist: God made the entire world in 7 days and if you don't believe it youre going to hell!!11!

Scientist and ID Believer: ...oooook... lets go watch some pr0n.
by EvilPizzaMan November 18, 2005
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An idea concerning the earth's origins that states that the known universe is too complex to have evolved randomly, which is what the theory of evolution teaches. Its' critics (95% of whom call themselves atheists) slam it as being "Not science" or "A loony back door way for the Christians to try and ram religion down kids' throats". The irony is that these same people, when arguing for their belief, will mostly defend it with the theory of evolution.
I.D critics think that everyone who follows intelligent design is a Christian moron with no grasp on the real world, yet there are numerous scientists with no particular religious belief who see value in I.D. If its' such a load of crap I don't know why the atheist brigade are getting so paranoid about it? They should be encouraging schools to teach it along with evolution, kids are smart these days. Then at least when they're adults and they want to rubbish I.D they'll actually have some knowledge of it, instead of being like all the narrow-minded people don't want to see it explored as a theory at all because it challenges their faith that everything in this world is a random occurence.
by Ben the Aussie November 13, 2006
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The Intelligent Design Theory suggests that intelligent causes are necessary to explain the complex, information-rich structures of biology, and that these causes are empirically detectable.
Contrary to popular belief, this theory is based on modern science, not religious beliefs.
The latest theory to explain the complexity of the biological world is intellegent design.
by George February 26, 2005
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Intelligent design is not religion in the sense that it has less nonsense (none of the fairy tales).

Some bible-bashers are ruining this giant stride for religion by redefining the concept to fit in with Jesus.

The idea of intelligent design, is that all science is real, but it since there is no widely-accepted scientific explanation to explain why everything exists the way it does, in so much complexity, there must be a designer.

Of all the theories about god, this one makes the most sense. Believers are trying to get it taught in schools because it falls in with the current science, but allows for students to chose what they want as to it's origins.

But the concept of god being inherently flawed by the fact that it's utter nonsense that something so unfeasible could exist, when there are rational explanations that are easy to understand.

You would be better off not concerning yourself with the origin of everything than believe in a designer as such because it simply says that everything exists because god made it that way, which doesn't answer a damned thing.

For a theory, you need a question. The question was, why does everything happen the way it does?
The answer was: God designed it.

But- Why does everything happen the way it does? Why did god design it. There is only one answer that can actually fit perfectly into this question, and since god is not the answer, that answer is wrong.

Besides the fact that there would still be no explanation to tell us how god exists. Why would god bother creating the universe in such a way, if he is so powerful? He could have just had the sun, the earth, and the people. If you define something as all powerful, (and that seems to be the only way a god could exist, as a semi-powerful god would make even less sense) you must know what that entitles.
Dude! I just heard about this thing called Intelligent design, it makes total fucking sense!
Except for the whole god part, right?
Uh, fuck man, you're right! God makes no sense!

Go read a brief history of time and fill in the blanks with stuff that makes sense, you don't have to just jump on the god bandwagon for things you don't understand. Religious perspective, or the perspective that eventually lead to the idea of a higher being, is something women used to need to deal with the concept of growing a human inside of themselves, but man, being easily convinced and corrupted, turned it into something for their control, and you see that all over the globe. Being intelligent, though, we should be able to see past the bullshit now, and deal with difficult concepts ourselves, without instinctive perceptions getting in the way.
by The man who knows everything August 24, 2005
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