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a girl who immediately starts acting like a hoe wen they meet a guy who they have a rare obsessive craving over; i. e. hooking up with two craved guys at once / putting ur hand down his pants before even waving hello -- normally doesnt act like a hofosho
wow yo tessa acts like such an instaslut wenever she talks about jude law
by theczarofvodkania March 14, 2010
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Someone who will follow thousands of strangers on Instagram just to get a couple hundred followers in return.
Bob: Why in the world would someone follow thousands of boring people on Instagram?
Joe: Dude, that's an instaslut. They will follow anyone.
by jakeurbandictionary February 23, 2014
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what happens when you're around an insanely hot guy who has some combination of sexy traits; they often have a badass attitude. You know they're so wrong, but that makes it so can't control yourself around them at all and BAM! instaslut. it's hard to explain but you'll know it when you feel it ;)
EX 1:
girl a: I saw Jude Law the other day!!!
girl b: omg and?
girl a: i talked to him. his accent and his body and his attitude....mmmm....I couldn't control myself!
girl b: that's the instaslut effect for you!

EX 2:
guy a: dude, my gf broke up with me.

guy b: aw man what happened
guy a: we were at this party and this douche started flirting with her....she went instaslut.
by notahofosho March 14, 2010
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