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The act of looking into a sketchy place, and feeling raped from looking into the place.
Molly was driving down the street when she was instaraped before going into the bad part of town.
by Fischer5315 October 17, 2010
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When someone takes a photo from your phone not meant for the public eye, and uploads it to your Instagram. Usually rather embarassing. Similiar to facerape
REALLY?! My sister instaraped me...
by instarape March 02, 2015
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like ramen, but more rape.
Dude, why did she post that sketchy pic on facebook? It's like opening a jar of insta-rape.
by shoopadoop July 06, 2011
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When someone posts a picture/video of another person without their consent to social media
“I look bad in that picture, I got instaraped!!!”
by cader June 08, 2018
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