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When law enforcement officers unreasonably require that their commands be followed immediately and without hesitation. Almost all police abuse and killings stem from this inability to be patient, deescalate, and just listen to people first.
Instant Gratification Policing can happen when police say: "Turn around!" or "Put your hands behind your back!" or "Get on your knees!"
by Cigar Dave June 9, 2020
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To be hypocritically racist.
NRA members are too often hypocracist when it comes to black men openly carrying assault weapons.
by Cigar Dave January 11, 2015
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Making up by text.
By mexting: "So babe, why are you so mad at me? 'Tell' me what I might have done so we can 'talk' about it."
by Cigar Dave August 23, 2011
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A photographer who holds your cell phone to take your picture.
Subject : "Excuse me, will you take our picture please?" (Hands cell over.)
Pholder: "Yes, I'll take your picture."
by Cigar Dave December 25, 2014
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