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People (usually men) who make an instant, friendly, non-sexual connection. The term is often used in larger social interactions when you and your instabro are having an awesome conversation and some bored party-goer butts in: "where do you know each other from?" / "how long have you been friends?"
Bro1: Dude, I'll give you 1000$ if I can bang your sis.
Bro2: Woah, 1000$ - finally someone who *gets me*!
Sis: Hey, what's up guys? You seem to be having quite a chat.
Bro2: Yeah, me and my instabro here are helping each other out.
by Chymera July 17, 2013
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A dude who prefers to stalk social media rather than txt.
I know he really likes me as he liked 27 of my pics last night and stops by every bar I check-in at but he never txts me back to hang out. He's such an instabro!
by Sixx In The City January 13, 2014
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