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curiosity; the degree to which a person or animal wants to learn new things.
Her inquisitiveness led to some seriously kinky (and dangerous!) sex.
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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"around about" - approximately, roughly, in the region of. often applies to a monetary amount.
i heard an offer to the tune of 5 million dollars for this place.
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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"stretch the limits" - to go further (in any field) than anyone or any group has done before. perhaps doing something that wasn't previously thought possible.
dude, that quadruple-backflip double-twist one-handed going backwards while blindfolded and sucking a lolly (deep breath) surf manoeuvre was really pushing the envelope.
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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sum1 who has had gay iontercourse with gary glitter
you'r a burtphoben
by Smiff March 29, 2004
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slightly condescending way of referring to a woman, usually after she's done something small & nice (but not too mentally taxing) for you.
(after she brings me a beer)
you're a doll love!
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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a long way into something, very involved, mixed up in, stuck in; usually something bad.
i'm knee deep in shit here, i haven't got a clue how to do this.
by Smiff November 4, 2003
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