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an individual with numerous tattoos and can also be characterized as talking vehemently about their tattoos with pride, and discussing their future plans of getting another and why.
The number of tattoos required to be called an inkaholic are inconclusive and vary depending on the area.
Man at tattoo parlor says to tattoo artist, "Dude that girls is an inkaholic. She comes in here nearly every week to get a new tat."
"Shut up man, that bitch is putting my kid through college with her addiction. We need more freaks like her in here."
by fluncenterin September 12, 2009
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a person that writes A LOT and very well too. whether it's poems, stories, music, or anything.
Person: Why do you write so much?
Writer: Because I'm an inkaholic.
by planters_peanut July 15, 2010
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