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Goerge W. Bush is a hypocritical pupet of oil and big buisness. His "reason" reason for the war was, originaly, that there were wmd's in irac, but there weren't any. The real reason that over 2000 American soldiers have died? oil, and power.
there aren't enough curses to describe such a stupid, lying, person. If anyone in thier right mind would call IT a person. Goerge W. Bush is turning Americaa into a communist country.
by willfishforfoodtwice November 04, 2005
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A misspelling of George W. Bush. Ol' Dubya is the current president of the United States. He is a man of resolve, but he also seems to be the Israelis' puppet.
Goerge W. Bush... what the hell, dude? Learn to spell "George", you liberal hippy scum-bag!

"Goerge" isn't that bad of a president.
by Goergey September 08, 2006
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