A class of entertainment combined with journalism developed for 24-hour television news networks. Designed to instill emotional responses from viewers in between actual "interesting" news developments of national interest and importance.
Water-skiing squirrels, celebrity lawsuits, missing white-upper-middle-class-attractive children, or any other event that happens daily but is chosen (for one reason or another) to receive special attention from national news networks.
by Thomas Christy April 1, 2005
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Entertaining someone for the ulterior motive of gaining information of some sort from them.
Mary is suspicious that her best friends husband is cheating so she invites him over alone with the hope of 'infotaining'.
Mary: Fancy some wine?
George: Yes please!
Mary: Here you go. I'll just go - are you having an affair?
George: What?
Mary: What?
by Jake White October 1, 2008
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When news is sensationalized in order to gain interest.
I get nothing out of the local morning news anymore. It has all become infotainment and impossible to get any solid facts on what's going on in the world.
by ADDaries March 8, 2015
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A poor excuse for large television networks to fill up on-air space: an attempt to sell people things that barely work, things that they dont need and things that are quite pointless in today's society.

Dodgey American acting and heaps of photoshopping appeals to the emotions of many stay at home parents, the elderly or teenagers with access to their parent's credit card.

It is sad to think a television station exists that plays repeats of hundreds of pathetic commercials, 24hours a day. WOW.
1) "Oh my gosh, I am sooo sick of seeing all of this Infotainment on TV; surely they have something better for their viewers to watch."

2) "LOL at the people who sit and watch this crap all day."

3) "Shaun, why are you sitting here watching Infotainment? Don't you have anything better to do with your life?!"
by teevee h8ter July 2, 2012
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