Disorientation, frustration, or confusion resulting from too much mental or visual stimuli or attempts to process or organize multiple tasks simultaneously (See also io).
"I've been on computer all day--Newsgroups, IRC, IM, e-mail, surfing the Net. I've gotta cut down on the self-induced information overload."

"The first week of my freshman semester was total information overload."

"I didn't want to go back to the hotel, but after a day in downtown New York, I was suffering from information overload."
by treehead February 19, 2007
a knowledge communicated or recieved concerning some facts that is overburden, or it was load too excessively when the message passed many times.
the message was kinda information overload thinggy!! what kind of mediun you used??
by katchifan July 17, 2006
The process of either thinking too often of or over-thinking spiritual coincidences or emotions to where they only appear in your perspective from a technical standpoint like numbers and digits in a program where you know why you're feeling something so it stops meaning anything to you.
I had a bit of an information overload outburst but the situation still didn't make sense to me afterwards for some reason.
by ChillJammyTheEpic July 30, 2019