Ed: Check out this infographic on crime rates
Stan: That's a pie chart
by Jake Nesbit November 2, 2009
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Previously a science educational channel, now turned to US propaganda channel where the US is the greatest thing ever and putin is a cartoon villain
virginia: yo have you seen the new "The infographics show" episode about russia v ukrain
chad: i don't watch propaganda.
by Blaxtron December 25, 2022
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Best youtube videos to watch when bored. Make the best stories about murder and anything radioactive. Their shows contain numerous subtle errors, but it's all good because it's nonetheless high quality content.
I can't wait for the girlfriend to become the wife in The Infographics Show!
by Bad C dev July 25, 2021
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An “activist” who’s only form of activism and gathering of information are through infographics that just often pop up in their feed or are shared by their friends. A performative activist, if you will.
A lot of infographic activists were sharing infographics of the “#letearthbreath” movement but stopped after only a week and never spoke of it again.
by Brob June 20, 2022
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