An Indian is a member of a noble race. The progenitors of the Caucasian/Caucasoid race.
The original and only true Aryan people. Gave rise to people of Iran (Persians) as the Indians (Aryans) migrated north-westerly.

They also migrated East giving rise to cultures of South-East Asia....notice the temples of Angkor-Wat and Bali.........also the various Sanskrit place names common in South-East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

The Indians gave rise to modern languages--Indo-European languages.
The ancient and honorable race of Indians are the true and pure Aryans.

To be an Indian means being intelligent, honorable and hardworking.

Arjuna was a great Aryan Indian hero, and many young Indians aspire to be like Arujuna.

The great Aryan warrior of India, Arjuna, saw only the eye of the bird whilst everyone else saw the whole bird, the garden, the tree etc.

Being an Indian is being Aryan and being Aryan is being Indian.

You can thank India and the Aryan Indians for the zero and the base 10 number system.

India is Aryan, there is no Arya/Dravida divide. Dravida means south in ancient Sanskrit.........that is it. Aryan-Dravida divide is a colonial device to destabilize India and her people and it has worked but now we are changing it as we realize our Southern brothers are just that, our brothers. An Aryan skin tone ranges from light tanned, olive skinned to medium and even dark brown/black skin tones in the South.

That Punjabi man is a pure Aryan.

That Keralite man is a pure Aryan.

Thus all Indians are pure Aryan.
by AryaMaster May 14, 2009
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Another word used instead of the word curry. (British slang term).
Similar to when people say they are going for a Chinese, when they mean they are going to eat Chinese food.
"I really fancy going for an Indian. Are you coming too mate? Mines a vindaloo!"
by Davey Boy March 03, 2005
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A Patel or someone with a really long name.
Owns gas stations or other businesses. Dominates Medical fields, Engineering field, and education competitions. They are smart.
Patel: Hi I noticed your indian, my name is raj and I'm also indian
Indian not named Patel: Nice meeting you, my name is Krishnarao Pothuraju, what are your grades?
by TJPot November 28, 2011
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A brown, smelly egotistical people. Of the 1 billion Indians, maybe about 2 million live within the USA. They are not an accurate portrayal of Indians. Real Indians are smelly, foul, socially awkward and nonathletic. They are also EXTREMELY ugly. Many of them are uneducated and live on one dollar a year. Indians are also known for being huge rip-offs and copycats. They steal movie ideas, western technology, recycle it and pretend like they invented it.
"Wow, I'm Indian and even I hate Indians...they're so gay."- Ishbu

"That stupid Indian is stinking up the whole neighborhood with his curry!" - Ishbu
by Ishbubadindu August 20, 2008
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In Canada, it is a derogatory term for First Nations people, a people who lied before the whites came, took their land, brainwashed them into Christianity, made them second-class citizens, and forced them onto reserves.

Although the word used to be quite polite, it has gone the way of the word "negro" and has become a highly offensive term. A much less offensive term is native, and is the term of preference if you talk to someone of that culture without offending them.
Native people are great. They don't deserve all the stereotypes and the hatred. Oh, and DON'T call them indians.
by Mr Cassata June 23, 2005
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A Native American. One of a noble race of people who live in North America.

White liberals say that it is racist to honor these people by naming sports teams after them. But, can you expect anything better from a while liberal?
Chief Wahoo is a wonderful Indian. I wear his picture with pride.
by Cap'n Bullmoose April 23, 2005
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a classic indian is someone who smells like curry, wears cheap gold jewelery, has dandruff, wears dirty rubber flip flops all year, and has a name that is either plain weird or includes PATEL.

and obviously needs indian descent.
A: What's your name, little girl?
B: Ranjaeit Kajjam Patel Gupta.
A: Oh.*thinks: creepy girl must be INDIAN*
A: Have any curry?
B: Of course I do!
by soda man April 12, 2006
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