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The social opposite of an outcast. A person that is considered to be a incast is well-liked in his or her general social group. Since "fitting in" is so important to these types of people, incasts are always walking, talking breathing embodiments of social stereotypes. For example, a tall black dude that is captain of the basketball team and dresses stereotypically urban and only hangs around black people is a prime example of an incast. People with incast mentality are usually very close-minded and do not associate with people that aren't exactly like them. (i.e. A rich white girl only assocaites with other rich white kids; a black kid only fucks with other black kids.) Since incasts only mingle with "their own kind", they lack the ability to blend in and interact with different types of people in different places and situations. In reality, an individual that is considered to be an incast in a specific group is actually an outcast to the rest of the world. For instance, you might be really popular and well-respected in your little college, neighborhood or city; but you ain't shit anywhere else. When taken out of his or her element, an incast is lost and clueless because they are so used to being surrounded by their accepting peers. A rich white-boy lacrosse player may be popular at his sheltered upper class suburban high school, but if you drop him off in a rough black neighborhood in a bad city, his ass is dead meat.
I'm glad I'm not an incast. Since I'm a mixed person I don't think that is possible. I can blend in with almost any crowd. I can be in the middle of white suburbia, or I could be in the hood in Baltimore; or with a bunch of Puerto Ricans in the Bronx; or with nothing but filipinos and eses out in Cali; or around all white people in Bumblefuck, Missouri. I have been around all black people; and all spanish people; and all asian people; and all white people. I have been in all of these situations and never had a problem. Fuck being an incast.
by Dah Golden Child August 19, 2008
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