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The name Imrah is a baby girl's name. Imrah's personality is very beautiful and she is an independent person. Everyone looks up to her and she is considered very special and treasured in this world. People tend to become jealous of her because of her beauty, but she still keeps her head up strong. She may make mistakes but she fixes them. She is very caring, reliable and kind. You may think she is uncanny in someway, but once you get to know her your whole mind is blown away. As you see her you will fall in love with her, but just remember it may seem that she likes you but think again. She is very hard to read, and you can only know her true exquisitely beautiful personality once you know her to a tee and she knows you to a tee.She treasures God will all her heart so you better love God before you ever think of loving her.She doesn't care too much about the little things in life but she is thankful for them. So watch out for Imrah.
Imrah was walking alongside of the seashore.
by FormingDreams October 29, 2014
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