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1.Being a bother or annoyance while still being somewhat helpful.
2. Imposing without an "o" factor.
3. Not able to think for ones self; slave-like; doing the will of others without question.
4. A negative form of being impressive.
5. A typo when trying to type "imposing".
1. Hope I'm not impsing on your plans to go to disneyland tommorrow by suggesting we all go to Paris on my dime for a week or luxury.
2. Bill no one cares that you had your teeth cleaned! STOP IMPSING ON THAT POOR GIRL WITH YOUR LAMENESS.
3. Laura is such an imps. Look at her impsing to all of that sororities demands just so she can hold it over us iff (if and only if) she gets accepted.
4. "Hey, how did you guy like my rendition of Hegel's metaphysical philosphy set to the screamo music?"; "impsing!"
5. Hope I'm not impsing on your genius.
by joych February 03, 2011
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