something/someone doing very stupid and embarrasment is felt after
boy1: look theres a hot girl
boy2: shes not hot
boy1: oh yea shes not hot
boy2: wtf?
boy1: i meant shes not pretty but her body is hot
boy2: shes inside a car, how can you see her body?
fuckin imba
boy1:... im sorry!!!
by marco babao February 25, 2008
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The state of being 'Imba' or Imbalanced.
The way the Na'vi team dominated Quintas was a clear example of the Imbaness of the Puppey Chen
by dotameister March 05, 2012
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Originated from Online Gaming, meaning 'too good'.
Literally it means 'imbalanced' but Awesome Gamers who owns and plays amazing, are referred to as 'Imba.'
Ramesh : Heaton plays awesome with AK-47.

Suresh : Yeah, I know. He is simply Imba.
by KuRius. August 17, 2012
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imba also known as Imbalicious
Its like in gaming world i can say to another player that hes imba, that mean hes good and licious;O like us
by lolzorr October 24, 2008
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Say this when you meet a very smart, good looking and awsome guy.

This does not work with the names "Sindrings, Olajr, Oldis or Sindre"
A good example is:

JonasKs = Imba :)
by Juppi May 30, 2008
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A common Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 insult. By crying "Imba Bimba" as you lose to an opponent, you make the claim that you would have won if said opponent's team was not imba.
(as Doctor Doom and Akuma perform their specials)
Frank: "OOOhhh...Imba Bimba! Imba Bimba!"
by FronkMisters February 19, 2011
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