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While nearly all ppl & occurrences that garner this label are quite literally as far away from being Illuminati as humanly (or otherworldly) possible, there's still this sort of pseudo-esotericism overly applied to just about everything by netizens. No they truly _don't_ belong to a secret society conveniently born in Bavaria in the same year as the United States gained its independence from Britain. or y'know, yeah! they do! ...'cause who am i to question our illustrious, malevolent overlords...

It is used with great flexibility in the online world, particularly in the gaming arena, to simultaneously:
* troll naive children
* poke fun at conspiracy theorists
* invoke (mild... at best) lulz

Source: I'm the Princess of the Dark Underbelly of the Internet / Mistress of the Multiverse, who shall remain unnamed, 'cause otherwise your head would asplode (leaving only a pulsating third eye)
scrub 1: I saw Katy Gaga-Cyrus take off her mask backstage to reveal that she's Reptilian!

scrub 2: Illuminati Confirmed!

normal person 1: tha fuck?
by mztrie December 18, 2015
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