A derivative of M.I.L.F which stands for Mom I'd Like to Fuck. I.L.F.Y stands for I'd Like to Fuck You.
Me: "Hey Katharine!"

Her: "What"

Me: "I.L.F.Y"

Her: "Okay!"
by Webjunk22 July 31, 2011
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Used in text talk or on the net, and is short for i live for you ( to show affection to others )
by Heaney June 13, 2008
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The abbreviation ILY

combined with part of MILF.
Used in sexting your bae

to say "I'd Love to F*** You!"

Intended as a romantic way

to say "I love you, baby,

so let's get it on!"
Bae: I miss you, boy...
Boy: I'm free tonight & ILFY 😘
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by DeiGoiCah August 01, 2018
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