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I hate you all.

Term often used to describe disliking a large group of people.
Tessa: That catalyst really speed up the rate of reaction

The plastics: why dont you talk some more nerd speak weirdo
Tessa: ihya
by Brandi Starstruk November 17, 2011
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Ihya can mean hatred, but the real definition is a girl who feels alone. Ihya is a feminine name. Meeting someone named/nicknamed Ihya is rare and lucky. A person named Ihya will change you. (Love, luminosity, shyness, moonshine)
And I married my Ihya, the woman of my dreams.
I'm so glad I met her, a genuine Ihya.
I wish my name was ihya, maybe people will accept me.
by Auf Weidersehen November 22, 2011
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