-International handbook for cooking
Great international cookers team
-International Hackers Consortium
Great international lamers team and fellow hackers
oh *fsck* IHC posted one another Denial of service on their webpage
by aris May 31, 2004
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I have condoms
dtf? ihc.

meaning, 'down to fuck? i have condoms."
by Your. Mother. July 18, 2012
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Inter Human Communication
this abrivated term derived from IPC - Inter Process Communication.
It's used by geeks to describe human contact in real live.
You should improve your IHC
by jMCg September 15, 2005
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The previous Indian Anime Club, now known as The Indian Hentai Club, a part of the IAC network where p*rn addicts post hentai and adult videos.
Normie: Do you know what happened to the old IAC?
IAC Chad: Yes now it's changed to IHC, join that group to watch some hentai!
by xendaddy February 12, 2022
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