When i got bit by the lion, i got ignus and nearly died
by Sparky13 March 18, 2009
1) Term used to describe in detail any given point in time during which your mind is completely and totally lost and replaced with a pile of goose shit.
2) Nick Maynard.
3) Professional title that will get you fired and probably raped by coworkers.
4) An insult describing the fact that you have goose shit
1) You stupid Vasco Ignus!
2) Vasco Ignus is ghey!
3) Your mind just totally went Vasco Ignus... you fucktard.
by RC_rep October 7, 2004
a homosexual who loves to get it in the ass constantly while designing a shitty website and posting on a roleplay message board; an individual who relishes in wasting hard drive space; a fucking liar who's goal in life is to target people who are obviously better than him and have much larger balls than he will ever have
by Revolve June 3, 2004
1) A general term for stupidity and incompetence, implied in cases in which the above is applied in large quantities constantly. In other words, Vasco Ignus is an insult used to imply that there is never a period in time in which the person called such is not, has not been, or will never be stupid. You could call it perpetual stupidity.
2) Nicholas Wade Maynard
The sheer idiocy is already implied, and therefore no examples are needed.
by RC_rep February 1, 2005
The lowest possible form of humanity.
Receeding into ones mind so much that one starts to lose sanity and reality so quickly that one tends to play RPG's instead of encumbering real life tasks like going to the bathroom. Side effects of Vasco Ignus Syndrome are simmilar to that of the dreaded Everquest syndrome.
Nick: Oh my god I think I have VIS.
Sandstorm: Looks like you better go kill yourself then.
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005
VIS: A deadly Mental Condishion

Possible complications include:
1)Looking at staring at some one nonstop
2)Smelling and hanging out with Baulder
3)Working on outdated 2d RPG Engines
4)Reading outdated coding books
5)Being obsessed with Anime
Quotes someone with VIS would say
"Tidus is my hero"
"My Super Explosive Volcanodod is Awsome!"
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005