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Member of the Random Crap Crew. Techy God, Jack of all trades , expert phone pranker. Arch nemesis of a Mr. Nicholas Wade Maynard , A.K.A. Vasco Ignus
Befriended by Underwoo and Sandstorm as well as the entire Random Crap Crew.
Starblazer has two legs and sucks at html.
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005
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A member of the Random Crap Crew. Former Member of XiLeZ. Game Mod Maker, Graphic Design, and Webmaster. Has dominated Vasco Ignus on numerous occasions. Allys include
Underwoo, Starblazer, Random Crap Crew, and the remaining members of Xilez
Sandstorm pwned us at Rouge Spear.
Did you see how Sandy dominated Vasco Ignus
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005
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The lowest possible form of humanity.
Receeding into ones mind so much that one starts to lose sanity and reality so quickly that one tends to play RPG's instead of encumbering real life tasks like going to the bathroom. Side effects of Vasco Ignus Syndrome are simmilar to that of the dreaded Everquest syndrome.
Nick: Oh my god I think I have VIS.
Sandstorm: Looks like you better go kill yourself then.
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005
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VIS: A deadly Mental Condishion

Possible complications include:
1)Looking at staring at some one nonstop
2)Smelling and hanging out with Baulder
3)Working on outdated 2d RPG Engines
4)Reading outdated coding books
5)Being obsessed with Anime
Quotes someone with VIS would say
"Tidus is my hero"
"My Super Explosive Volcanodod is Awsome!"
by Sandstorm February 25, 2005
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