Stupid people (often clueless republican white americans) who are stereotypical and racist against people who don't have the same skin color, traditions, religion, or family values. Also, they'll repeatedly shout racial slurs to minorities because they're stupid idiots who can't think of anything else to say.

These bigots are everywhere in my school, even one of the counselors. I can't stop it, because of my race and size, it's just impossible to stop racism.

Ever since 9/11, this ignorance has been pointed toward muslims, indians, and anyone of middle-eastern or south-asian descent because stupid dumbasses think they know everything, and are better than everyone.
Stupid White Kid: dirka dirka, hey smelly boy, go back to ur own country and kiss mohammed's ass!

Me: shut the f*ck up and go finish your roadkill, you ignorant shit! You wanna go?

(all my big strong muslim friends beating him up)

Unfortunately, this is often the only way that racist students will learn. I'm sorry, but it's true.
by Desmond Thrithri September 23, 2006
To be ignorant and self absorbed as well as absorbing loads of shit. Making you full of shit.
"You're an ignorant shit sponge."

"Your friend acts like an ignorant shit sponge"
by CheeryCandy May 17, 2017
a phrase coined by Tyler The Creator in Tina.
Dr. TC: So, do you party?
Tyler: Nah, I just do ignorant hoodrat shit with me and my niggas in the fucking mall
by decoyape September 8, 2011
To whom ever made the rule that you have to say yes , this was made specifically made for you
If you ask out your crush after winter break they do not have to say yes because everyone has a choice and you are an ignorant piece of shit Because we are allowed to say no
by Not on your hoe shit December 22, 2019