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the act by which a female or in some cases a male "flashes" their breasts or genitals via Apple's iChat.
"Yo bro what are you going to do tonight"
"I dont know maybe watch some entourage and hit up iflash"
" HAHA yeah these bitches are so dumb they never know whats coming"
by Matti boi October 21, 2008
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When you are having a conversation with someone and they suddenly decide it is a good idea to pull out their phone and show you photos or videos you did not ask to see.

Being made to look at someone's phone against your will.
My friend's girlfriend iFlashed us YouTube videos of fireworks all day at the BBQ.

My eyeballs were hijacked by my sister who was iFlashing me all night with pictures of her cat.
by Slowcrash July 23, 2013
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