A short hand, or slang for "I dont know" Used by people who are even lazier than the lazy people who use "I dunno"
by Fredrick B April 30, 2005
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Walking perfection. He is god, no matter what you fucking stupid asses say.
"If I reveal my secret identity, the world would go to shit." - Frank Iero
by LockAndLoad January 24, 2010
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Frank Iero is the very good looking, vegetarian, anti- homophobic rhythm guitarist of rock band my chemical romance. He once tried to climb into a coffin, is married, and has two baby twin girls.
Person 1: I think that Gerard Way is the best member of My Chemical Romance.

Person 2: No way! Frank Iero is way better than he is!
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The funniest most amazing musician in the world. Rhythm guitarist of the best band ever (My Chemical Romance) and most girls love him for his amazing looks and talent.
Frank Iero is too good for examples.
by My Chemical Romance Lover. October 18, 2011
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a short lil dude. very sweet and talented. has a bunch of tattoos. including a tramp stamp wrapping around his waist and two crossed guns on his lower back pointing to his asshole. sitting at the top of his asscrack is a skull that looks like its biting frank;s ass. was in many bands before. third generation of franks. once wrote a song about his crush on his bully. also wrote a song about pining over a dude who sleeps with him at night but is with a girlfriend by day. is bisexual. is the worlds biggest bottom. seriously. used to go to rutgers. was a sweet catholic boy until he smoked weed and slept with a boy probably. awesome at guitar. once chewed/sucked on a condom on stage.
Frank Iero used to be obvious with his song lyrics in Pencey Prep for his love for boys, but now only writes about his heartbreak over a certain boy.
by memorieskill January 25, 2017
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Frank Iero is a God. His birthday should be celebrated every day with lots of candy and scary people (As his birthday is Halloween). He is the definition of hott, and is in the greatest band ever.
by Bam April 1, 2005
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Extremely hot and talented guitarist formerly of the band Pencey Prep and currently in My Chemical Romance(a.k.a. one of the best bands on the face of the earth)
by Jessica November 28, 2004
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