Idk means I don't know. It is commonly used in text or in YouTube comments. It is a form of internet slang, the most common one of all.
"Where's Sarah?
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by idk_definitions March 29, 2018
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I’ve been looking everywhere to find out what idk means but no sites I’ve been to seem to know! Every time I search “what does idk mean” I always get told “I don’t know”. Nobody seems to know.
Me: Hey google what does idk mean?
Google: I don’t know.
Me: God damnit.
by cg3k March 29, 2020
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The newest in a long list of annoying internet acronyms, "idk" has become extraordinarily popular with the 13-year-old lie-about-your-age-to-get-on-MySpace grade school slut crowd.

Commonly seen as a BS response when filling out memes and surveys. Double annoyance points when paired with the equally meaningless "lol."
Last time you dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: Idk lol
by d4rk September 19, 2005
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I dont know. Annoyingly used to not answer a question
hey whats the craziest thing you have ever done

by fdhgsuihrejksndcbvuipewr August 07, 2007
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I'm donkey kong. If anyone tries to tell you it's I don't know, that person is to be avoided.
*playing Mario Kart*
Sara: Which character are you?
Haley: Idk
by Moby Duke (Heather Duke) August 27, 2018
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