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To make something less complex and understandable to everyone, even idiots. Primarily applied when speaking to other people who don't understand advanced English and therefore, the need to simplify words occurs.
#1) I had written such a wonderful essay for my friend, but he said it wasn't easy to read so I had to idiotize it.

#2) Talking to people who don't understand one word of what I'm saying is so exhausting. I literally have to idiotize myself every time we speak!!

#3) I have idiotized myself so much that I feel my IQ dropped by 50 points minimum.
by streetgirl27 July 01, 2015
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The process of taking something complex and simplifying it for an idiot to understand. Idiotizing, idiotized, idiotization.
I had to idiotize for a stubborn friend of mine why his favorite team might not win.
by milanman21 January 20, 2011
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1. To make into an idiot or render the reasoning masses into an idiotic mob by means of manipulation and disinformation.
2. make (someone) a moron or incapable of thinking for themselves.
Dlamini trying to idiotize the nation by playing the forgiveness card in response to national outrage at #StateCapture by Zumba and the Guptas in South Africa, is pure unadulterated bullshit!
by Psygeekchic December 18, 2017
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