-They should be here by now, dont you think?

by neimless October 12, 2003
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Inderdaad (Dutch), which means "indeed", and thus has the same meaning, with the same characters.
Dat zuigt! ("that sucks". Because it DOESN'T sound cool in Dutch, we DO say it this way :)

by ForgeDMD May 6, 2005
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Indeed. Comes from the dutch word inderdaad, which means the same.
A: that wasn't a nice thing to say
B: idd
by Xanadu May 7, 2005
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idd : Indeed

se "IW"
Salesman1: blablabla
Salesman2: IW
Salesman1: IDD
by sufs August 11, 2006
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It simply means "I Don’t Disagree" in online world but some Dutches falsely believe it came from "Inderdaad" which actually means the same thing (Indeed)
-- yo man that guy is a douche and doesn't know anything!!!

-- lol dude idd.
by Gwiny February 8, 2010
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an abbreviation for "I don't deserve" typically used in chats.
Kay: Folks are unlucky who don't have you in their group!
Rot: Idd such praise. I know only as much as you know.
by r0t November 16, 2021
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-Bush is awsome!
by Joe Hither March 4, 2006
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