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An iceburg is a female who has a skinny face but a fat body. She might look all hot riding in her car but once she gets out you realize that she is fat!
I saw the hottest girl driving a Mustang the other day so I motioned for her to follow me. When we got to a side street, we got out to talk and it turns out she was a total iceburg!
by shelldabomb March 26, 2008
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A Water polo goalie who looks bad but is actually really good and appears out of nowhere when you shoot the ball, therefore "sinking" the other team's hopes of an easy win.
We thought the game would be an easy win but turns out the goalie for their team was an iceburg.
by Weneedmorepeopleonthebirdman September 04, 2009
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A piece of feces that's so huge, parts of it stick up out of the water.
Joe didn't have a BM for two days but when he finally went, it was a freakin' iceburg!
by BAMF March 31, 2005
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A crap so large that a portion of it juts out of the water, with most of it being below the surface, like an iceburg.
After the all-you-can-eat ribs night, I sat down and dropped an iceburg. It was so sizeable that I had to flush twice!
by Back Alley Creeper. September 17, 2017
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The act and/or art of leaving a turd pile in someone’s toilet in such a way that some is above the waterline resulting in an oh so terrific aroma. In most cases one most pad the toilet with paper products in order to get the pile to sit high enough that it breaks the water line. Those who are proficient can leave several inches of feces available to share with the next patron of the commode. In the case of automatic flush toliets one must find a way to bypass the motion sensor. Most commonly this is done with a few wraps of tp.
Johnny left an iceburg in stall number 3 just to piss off the janitor.
by backlashed January 12, 2014
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When you take 4 Aspirin and masturbate while holding an ice pack in one of your hands that you are using to stroke your penis.
Jack was bored with his daily sexual routine, so he gave himself an iceburg, resulting in some very embarassing frostbite.
by FubsyTheMario July 17, 2009
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