He’s the furious little ball of hate we all love.
Quote from Icepick from www.bestcomicever.com:

I keep urging my manager to implement some kind of 'you break it, we kill you' policy, but I'm not hearing a lot of favour for it just yet.
by Kyuuketsuki September 23, 2004
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the gay ass gang that some douches at reeferside came up with. what the hell were they thinking.
brandon is the queer that founded icepick.
by romcekgsan February 17, 2005
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When an interception occurs in American football that results in the game being over (or pretty much over). Can be taken as icing on the cake, icing the offense, or the little brother of the dagger (game over score)
Brett Favre just threw the Ice-pick of the game. This one is over.


DeAngelo Hall just grabbed the Ice-pick. Game over.
by fitzyroo November 14, 2010
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Guy: Hey Trotsky, what's the key to a perfect society?
Trotsky:Communism, permament revolution... And no icepicks stuck in my head.
Guy: Thanks!
by SocialistBastard March 20, 2018
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