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A child worker forced to make Apple products for little or no money.

It was released in Feb 2012 that Steve Jobs encouraged the use of iSlaves.
A 12 year old Taiwanese girl who is paid roughly $12 a year to make iPhones is an iSlave.
by Biggerbean February 05, 2012
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Someone who will instincitively purchase any product that is released which is preceeded by a small case i, regardless of cost, function or aesthetics.

It's no use trying to question why they have bought a mp3 player, computer, or phone that is at least twice its value than the identical product sitting next to it, as the iSlave is convinced the rounded corners make up for this surplus in cost.

Once an iSlave has bought the infamous iTrio consisting of the iMac, iPhone and iPod it is unfortuantely too late. Once these products break like every other product in the world, they won't be able to bring themselves to criticise it without fearing they have brought a bad name to their cult.
John: "My Apple made products have broken, but my brand loyalty is so high i'm just going to send more money to Apple while still claiming to be sticking it to the man."

Jack: "No he's becomming an iSlave! Quick John you can still be saved! Buy this MP3 player, it is the same but half the price!"

John: "No..... more iStuff...."
by killerroooo November 05, 2009
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