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Inspired by a joke from the film ‘Borat’, to iPod-Mini someone is to disingenuously give a seemingly generous or thoughtful gift or to cleverly manipulate the individual to purchase the item themselves that is meant to secretly ridicule the recipient/buyer, esp. someone with whom the present-giver/manipulator is actively feuding and endeavors to publicly disrespect.
Borat didn't hesitate to iPod-Mini his disagreeable neighbor when the opportunity arose: he publicly embarrassed and exacted revenge by purchasing an iPod classic for himself to make his neighbor jealous, which lead the ill-tempered old bird to unwittingly purchase a similar, smaller product for himself, singularly unaware that iPod Minis -- at least in Kazakhstan -- are for girls.
by 1<l10mmm October 28, 2016
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1. a cheap man's ipod

2. every teenybopper's fantasy

3. what everyone recieved for christmas
Omg, suzie, did you see libby's pink ipod mini! it's totally BITCHIN'!
by clare December 30, 2004
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Apple's smaller and more manageable player in the iPod HDD family. Now available with brighter colours in only Blue, Silver, Pink and Green with either a FOUR GIGABYTE or SIX GIGABYTE hard drive. These new models also manage 18 hours of battery life. The FOUR sells for around £130, the SIX, £170.
Apple winning again with their even brighter and slighly shinier FOUR & SIX GIGABYTE players.
by FactCorrector MkII May 26, 2005
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Apple's latest FOUR GIGABYTE player, in a small package (just bigger than a credit card) and available in 5 colours: silver, gold, pink, blue and green.

Runs with the iTunes software in Mac and Windows 2000/XP; EphPod in Win 98SE/ME; and gtKPod under Linux.

More information is available at
Wow, that FOUR week wait was definitely worth it for this fantastic FOUR gig player.
by FactCorrector September 02, 2004
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The best mp3 player that you can use to listen to music or cheat on a test cause teach don't realized that you can put test notes on it.
I use my ipod to cheat and made the deans list!!!
by a-girl-that-cheated-with-ipod February 27, 2005
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A great idea by Apple, the 4 GB model holds around 1,000 songs, MUCH more practical than the models that hold over 10,000 songs (see iPod) because the battery won't be alive long enough for you you to even hear half of the songs on them. iPod mini comes in five colors; pink, green, blue, silver, and gold. Small, lightweight and very portable. The only reason you're even looking this up is because A) You've been living under a rock for the past year or two or B) You can't afford one or were stupid enough to slam it onto the ground until it broke, so you seek comfort in seeing other people's hate definitions.
The reason iPods are better than every other MP3 player is BECAUSE THE MUSIC FILES THEY HOLD. AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, Audible, AIFF, Apple Lossless and WAV. Many other MP3 players odn't support these files, which are the most commonly used files. This is why iPods are the best choice.
by the_one_u_hate July 28, 2005
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One of the best inventions ever in the history of the world to the second power. 8)
The iPod mini is, One of the best inventions ever in the history of the world to the second power. 8)
by Holst June 22, 2005
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