1. When you do something you think is impressive
2. When you (in a group) do something impressive
3. When someone else does something impressive

Basically a way to say "cool", "awesome", etc.
1. Joe asks to take a girl to prom if he gets 600 retweets on Twitter. He gets 800 retweets.

Joe: I'M NICE!!!!!!
2. You and your team win a basketball game.
You and your team: WE NICE!!!!!
3. You watch Joe take the aforementioned hot girl to prom.
You: damn Joe you nice
by ayyNigga January 18, 2015
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A quote to be said, whenever you perform a total dick move, or when retelling a total dick move.
Yeah I totally anaconda-choked Paul while he was drunk,

and then I left him unconscious on the beach for, like, an hour.
Dude was bitching and moaning from sunburn the next day,
so I choked him out again.
I'm such a nice person.
by Chewbacca Da Wookie July 4, 2011
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A typical saying by guys who's not generally nice. They're simply saying this thinking the girls will have sex with them if they say this phrase. They generally say this over and over to a girl, so she thinks he's a nice guy, but once she rejects him his true colors come to the surface.
Fake Nice Guy: "I'm such a nice guy. Why won't these bitches have sex with me?"
An Actual Nice Guy: "Girls won't have sex with you, because you're a total douchebag."
Fake Nice Guy: "Whatever asshole, I am a nice guy. Girls are just total bitches!"
An Actual Nice Guy: "Whatever helps you sleep at night."
by SunshineSam218 March 6, 2021
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