Tydus means Giant Great Warrior. Strong, handsome, protector of his people. Great friend. Trustworthy. Sincere
Everyone wishes they had a Tydus in their corner. Tydus protects his friends from harm.
by 4321nmotion February 4, 2010
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Too Young Don't Understand. A variant of TY,DE Too Young, Different era. Used by an older generation to explain to a younger one that they where too young when the not understood thing happened, prevalent or popular.
90's guy: OMG POKÉMON!!!

younger kid: wow thats shit.

90's guy: TYDE kid.

anyone today: ooh its 9/11...bad day

future generation: what why?

anyone today: TYDU, lucky bastard
by Autolysic July 31, 2011
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