"I </3 you" means I don't love you.

Just as "I <3 u" means I love you.

Boy: I <3 u!
Girl: I </3 u.
Boy: Why?
Girl: There is someone else. Sry.
Boy: =(
by GustoLove May 23, 2008
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it means i love you. the < 3 is suppossed to be a heart...its like sayin i love you.
boy:ok babe, i've gotta go
girl:ok hun, i <3 u
boy;...what does that mean?...
girl: it means i love you...duh!1
boy:...ohhhh ok...i get it now.
by luvher2 May 9, 2006
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a mathematically incorrect term, as you cannot have inequalities containing imaginary numbers.
sue: i <3 u
bob: i don't understand.
sue: what do you mean?
bob: you can't have an inequality with imaginary numbers "i <3 u" is impossible and makes no sense.
<sue has disconnected>
by yartsu February 8, 2011
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1. A way of saying I love you, with <3 representing a heart.
2. 1 Iodine is less than 3 Uraniums.
1. Dude, I <3 u
2. Science shows that I <3 U.
by monke cactus March 10, 2021
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