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A handsome model! You can't take your eyes of them.
Shownu- "hey has anyone seen chae???"
Wonho- "yeah i saw my hyungwon this morning"
by Lau-Rn December 26, 2016
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A singer, dancer, model, dj, AN INTERNATIONAL MEME
Monbebe: do you know the guy who sips tea?
Non-kpopper: yes, i've seen the meme but i don't know his name
Monbebe: he is chae hyungwon, stan monsta x for more memes
by I love monsta x June 04, 2018
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Nicoles Future husband
A handsome Model with lushious lips
Tamarah: Omg Min Yoongi is my husband :3
Nicole: Chae Hyungwon is already mine
by Nicole the banana slave May 14, 2017
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