The hyphy movement is a period of time where certain talented artists(mac dre, E-40, mistah Fab, etc.) were discovered(originating from California's Bay Area)and soon they were the ones to change the face of BayArea music into something that is now known and wanted around the whole world.
We are living in the time of the hyphy movement.
by picklo November 19, 2006
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A "movement" created to glorify, normalize and perpetuate the negative, ignint stereotypes of minorities in urban areas. (And give pussy ass suburban white kids something to take as a joke...)
To promote the hyphy movement you must: Go Stupid, Dumb and Hyphy, and Ghost Ride da Whip. Don't forget those stunna shades (at night)... See East Oakland for more examples.
by Jaquen Jackson January 2, 2008
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yo the hyphy movement is the essence of all playdough. you its kinda like when your in da hood and yall ghost ride the dick and you know shoot grenades and crap. climb up your stairs and youll get the definition for the hyphy movement...
dude one day this group of black people had their 32nd annual hyphy movement located on the 12th block on elite road........
by dick poo August 24, 2006
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The movement of "hiphoppers" originating in the West Coast/ Bay Area, spreading nationwide, which involves activities such as wearing stoner shades, and ghost riding the whip. A hip hop culture movement of the 2000's.
Ghost ride the whip for the hyphie movement!
by Bishop May 22, 2006
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This is the hyphy movement coming from the west coast/bay area, going coast to coast. the super hyphy movement includes getting hyphy and wearing your stunna glasses, ghost ride da whip and getting stupid, dumb, retarded. It dont look right unless your really feeling it but you can do it, it aint that hard!

It's all about the super hyphy movement.
-thiz iz what it iz!

by T-hizz er die beezy March 22, 2007