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1. Succinctly, they are to the intellectual what the intellectual is to the layman.
2. Something more people should aspire to be, as opposed to merely becoming a member of the common intellectual class.
"Wow, I heard that XYZ is a billionaire social-critic professor chessmaster and is working in fields with potentially history-shattering implications."
"What a lucky guy."
"Nah, I don't think it's luck; I think he's just a hyperintellectual."
by abc32342 July 03, 2008
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A hyperspace intelectuall. A daydreamer. Casually adult caucasian, someone who, being fed up with his casual desperately, strives to dwell most of his leisure time in the land of neverending dreaming an overreality, in the hyperspace by obtaining the drug of DMT.
Hyperintellectual is dreaminĀ“ his life away.
by Master of plants January 19, 2010
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