A person who is so conservative in his or her political philosophy that he or she expects a native or citizen of a country to be employed and self-sufficient at all times (so as to not draw unemployment benefits or welfare), advocate or practice repressive social stands (such as not having sex outside of marriage), name calls those who disagree with them as socialists or communists, distracts voters on issues that have nothing to do with creating jobs and expanding opportunities for the citizenry (like questionable immigration practices or Muslims), and keeps expressing the mantra "take our country back" until it becomes boring.
Tea Party advocate: What is with these lazy unemployed people just going out and fornicating instead of getting an honest job at Wal-Mart?

Average citizen: I have no idea. Are they hurting me in any way?

Tea Party advocate: You didn't answer my question! You must be some kind of Marxist leftist ingrate who does not appreciate the hard "work" Wall Street employees and big business executives do on a daily basis! It is time to take our country back from illegal immigrants and slackers!

Average citizen: And what? To hand the United States over to Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann to run? You are a hyperconservative and out of your freakin' mind!
by tbird4441 January 9, 2011
I'm so glad Trump lost the election. Biden may not be much better but anything is better that some hyperconservative dick who has a 200K+ bodycount from this fucking pandemic. Hope he and his bootlicking followers keep crying like a bunch of fucking babies.
by itsjustcommonsense December 15, 2020