hwasa is a hot lord. her voice will lure you to do anything. she breaks the rules and ìs so UGH world. she is from mamamoo and rules :)

solar: wow hwasa was so hot on stage
by yeetingkposister February 20, 2019
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Hwasa is part of the south korean girl group, mamamoo. Hwasa is one of the sexiest maknaes you'll ever find. And she is usually mistaken from being the oldest, because of how mature she is / look compared to her members. Hwasa is well known because of her honey thighs & charisma.
Person 1: Have you seen Hwasa?
Person 2: Yep. Really sexy
by SigneCrym July 06, 2017
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Hwasa is a barrier breaker. South Korea has coronated her as Queen of Queens, musician of musicians and national treasure genius. Her husky voice will take you to the moon & stars. She might look like a bombshell but she's the softest baby ever.
Person 1: Have you seen Mamamoo's MAMA 2018 stage?
by YellowDiammond March 27, 2021
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“But Hwasa” is a phrase often used on “stan Twitter” by k-pop stans when their faves do something problematic. It is most often used when an idol says the N word. Almost every time, Hwasa will be mentioned. They use her past mistakes to justify what their faves have done. Hwasa herself has apologized for her actions and bettered herself and educated herself. Although this is evident in her actions and you can find evidence of her apology online, “stan Twitter” still tries to justify their faves actions.
Intellect Moomoo: They said the N word and should apologize.
Non-Intellect: But Hwasa did the same thing.

Also styled as:

Intellect Moomoo: They should apologize for saying the N word.
Non-Intellect: You have Hwasa as your pfp though...
by Twt:BlasianLegend February 09, 2019
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The most beautiful girl in the whole entire universe, the love of my life, my honey bun, my precious giggly cheescake, my amazingly talented confident queen with the most beautiful, curvy, sexy body. She can rap AND sing like the gods even her laugh is pretty come the fuck on i wanna smooch her and cuddle with her and tell her everything's allright but also she could bust my gay ass open anytime
(Stream I Do Me, Be Calm and BLUE;S by MAMAMOO you won't regret it)
Hey, have you seen Hwasa's new teaser pics?
She looks astounding
by imveryverygay November 14, 2018
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A person that would die for Hwasa from the kpop group Mamamoo.
"Stop showing pictures of Hwasa. You're such a Hwasa Simp."
by 0MinLin0 March 30, 2021
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