Best Korean Vocal 3rd Generation Girl Group with unmatched stage presence, musicality, and personality.
by K enthusiast June 13, 2018
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The cutest dorks/beagles in the world that are literally 3 years old. Jung Wheein is like a puppy(wheepup); Hwasa has a fierce and sexy personality(hwalion), basically married to wheein(ship name: wheesa); Kim Yongsun is our precious squirtle/yongdonnie/yongkong; Moonbyul is our dance, rap, vocal goddess with her handsomeness and nose muscles that is basically married to yongsun(ship name:moonsun); all of them are vocal goddess with vocals that will make you weep; also, their fans are called moomoos and that means radish so the light sticks are radishes as well
Mamamoo is definitely my favorite k-pop group!
by MOONSUNFTW January 26, 2018
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Mamamoo are a Kpop group known for releasing songs such as egotistic, starry night and Piano man. They have released many albums and once released a series of albums known as the “four seasons project”, along with many more albums. They are a four piece girl group which consists of Hwasa, Wheein, Solar and Moonbyul. The maknae or the ”youngest member” is Hwasa, whereas the oldest member is Solar. They made their debut on June 19th 2014.
“I went to a Mamamoo concert last Friday
by Kpopismylife_Lauren January 12, 2020
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Person 1: So do you listen to girl in red?
Person 2: No i listen to Mamamoo
by 소피 May 18, 2020
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A Kpop group of 4 girls, they are considered to have the best vocals for the third generation. From oldest to youngest, Solar (Kim Yong Sun,) Moonbyul (Moon Byul Yi,) Wheein (Jung Whee In,) and Hwasa (Ahn Hye Jin.) Their fandom name is moomoos and Mamamoo is considered to be extremely gay (like seriously look up Mamamoo gay and you'll get a bunch of results.) Mamamoo writes and produces most of their songs and are extremely hard working. They are the gay queens as well. They are underrated and come from a small company, RBW (Rainbow Bridge World.) Moomoo means radish in Korean so fans are also called radishes. They're also crackheads (jk.) WE STAN!
Person 1: I love Mamamoo
Person 2: Yeah, gay queens, we stan
Person 1: I'd give my life for them
Person 2: Have you been streaming their songs
Person 1: Duh (If you're reading this, you should too!) ;)
by EmiH April 4, 2019
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a kpop girl group consisting of 4 (mostly) confident gays
"I'm so gay." "Are you watching Mamamoo compilations again?"
by moomoonbyul September 22, 2019
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It’s a Kpop group from South koera.Solar,moonbyul,wheein and Hwasa are members of mamamoo.They have their first song at 2014 call Mr-ambiguous.If you want to listen good and brilliant song you can go to YouTube and search “mamamoo” and you will find many wonderful song
If mamamoo come to Taiwan and hold a concert ,I would get crazy and try my best to get a ticket no matter how much is the ticket.
by Someone cares you January 16, 2021
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