We were moving to our new appartment last week, so I was husseining it in the back of my car.
by JoeboeTheHobo July 24, 2008
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Is a hot kid who doesn’t know that he is hot,He is good at rugby (tackling) and he is very unique. He has a lot of friends and he is not a fake friend. He will get a gf which will be the best girl in the world
Hussein is hot and sexy af
by Don food March 23, 2019
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Alpha Male
Absolute God of a man
The Daddy of daddies
Apex of the male species
Pinnacle of male evolution
That guy is such a Hussein
by GodofMemes69 December 18, 2017
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Hussein is a unqie kid. He is good at basketball (shooter) he can be very helpful sometimes. He is very intelligent and has lots of friends. He isn’t fake like most ppl and doesnt back bite.he is also very loud and happy kid
Why can’t we all be like Hussein
by biggycheese1 November 25, 2018
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A true intellectual, blessed with a giant penis his ability to fuck women is uncanny especially if they have a son called Tarek. A true Hussein also happens to be a extremely sexy and attractive man who excelled in sports. His only downfall is that his penis is so large it scrapes along the floor
Tarek:”Who keeps fucking my mom

Hussein:”I think I might have an idea
by Dragon-Deeznuts December 22, 2019
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A uniquely sexy, hot, and charming person with a magical smile, amazing body, and a very big and rock hard cock.
Riley: "Hey girls, did you see that Hussein guy there?"
Lara: "OMG, I wish he'd hit the bed with me!"
Trisha: "No way! He's better than all others!"
by AllAround69 March 30, 2016
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To be video recorded with a cell phone, without your prior knowledge or consent, and then have that video posted to the internets.
Sally was upset to find out that her roomate had husseined her after being gangbanged by at the local fraternity house by a herd of miniature stallions. Apparently the video was much higher quality than Sally had hoped and it was soon circulated amongst close members of her family and the rest of the viewing public.
by fregan January 7, 2007
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