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A term of solace used mainly in Jamaica (not sure about the rest of the Caribbean), meaning - never mind or don't worry. Most people who are not from Jamaica often misinterpret this to mean - 'shut up', instead of something comforting, which it's really meant to be :)
Bob: "Ouch, I hit my toe on the door"
Moeisha: "Hush, it soon get betta"
Bob: "Why are you telling me to shut up, it really hurts!"
Moeisha: "Ah never sey fi shut up, mi did sey hush!"
by Gimmeanyting March 23, 2007
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Something said to shut sumone up...not really the coolest thing 2 say. Its sorta just a substitute for "shut the fuck up"
by sTaCy January 07, 2004
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V. to be quite about somthing;keep a secret;to keep somthing on the DL(down low)
If i tell u where i was yesterday u have to keep it on the hush
by De'andra May 28, 2005
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Referring to a person or persons you have sexual relations with that you don't want people to know about, usually to be kept a secret from your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Josh: "hey Alison, when we gonna hangout again tonight?"

Brad: " Dude, I thought you and KC were still together...?"

Josh: "We are, that's just the new hush"
by ThE1uLoVe2HaTe February 18, 2014
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A game designed for people made of pure mental toughness, and a nice way to spice things up in the bedroom . While on the phone with a friend or family member proceed to have sex while on the phone. Hold a conversation without moaning or giving it away that you are having sex . If the person catches on or begins to suspect you then you lose.
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by liono August 13, 2017
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