Hurr did-a fantastical, fantabulosa hair do. Its hair do plus plus with extra effort while on steroids. Most hurr did looks like it belong in a hair show. NOTE: Theres a fine line between a hurr did and a hurr did'ent. Could also apply to a weave.
"Grrrl luv yer HURR DID hope you win."

"My HURR DID stoped a bullet in its tracks, bless mah hurr"

by NEbkk March 28, 2009
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A street way of saying........Do you hear ?
I got my money , you hurr ? I got bitchaz, you hurr ?
by Pizzlej July 27, 2020
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an onomatopoeia used to briefly summarize what stupid people sound like when trying to be clever or witty.
Mike's counterargument is nothing but hurr durr.
by A Cup of Shirt March 28, 2021
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slang for "You hear?" Asking the designated person if they understand.
"Don't you dare touch that grape soda, ya hurr?"
by Docta Jay Mizzle November 5, 2008
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Adjective (used with object) 1. The act of thinking, being, or behaving as one would if they were a Derr Herr. 2. To emit or come up with new words to describe a new situation or person.

Origin of Derr Herr: Thought to have originated in Middle English to describe a Herder (one who herds cattle or sheep), more recently found to have come directly out of Haven-ology. Haven-ology is a new form of language that uses syllables with vowels and consonants to create new words to describe a before unknown situation or person. Haven-ologists (one speaks or understands Haven-ology) are few, and most are considered to be a Derr Herr themselves.
by ACCA_AWESOME May 16, 2015
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the signal that someone has done something stupid and knew such, pissed someone off by doing it, and is used to intimidate the other pissed guy
Johnny: Damn, you can't even say anything without sounding retarded.
Me: hurr durr try me coward
by Aeronix March 27, 2018
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