Awesome people who hers sheep. Derrives from a Battlefield bad company II "army" who first used it. Now with the slogan "We protect our sheep". It has become a worldwide phenomenon, as it is beingf used in over 18 countries on a daily basis.
Stranger: "How come you pwn so much?"
Me: "I am of the Sheep hurr durrs and we protect our sheep!"
by Sheep Hurr Durr August 22, 2010
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hilltop/hillside slang.

used when pointing out
somethin' specific to
someone in a sarcastic

( or dig this here )
followed by:

said properly to point
out sarcasm.
shaniqua: -steps on jay's shoes on accident-
jay: "dig dis hurr player, i know you felt yoself step on my muhfuckin shoe.."
by nizz September 15, 2004
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The ghettofabulous way of saying "I just got my hair done"
Waniquwa: Waddap Laquisha!

Laquisha: Dizzayum girl, yo hurr be lookin fly!
Waniquwa: Yea. I just got my hurr did.
by ThaBigCheesy July 17, 2010
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1. An exclamation from a friend who yells at another to hurry up or get moving. This is referenced usually when one is taking an inordinate amount of time and a member of a group or gang is late for an event, such as smoking a bowl with others, getting stupid and/or dumb at the sideshow or nightclub, stealing a car or TV, or catching that last bus or BART train.
by J-Money From da Bay September 3, 2008
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An appropriate response when someone says something completely ignorant, bigoted, or otherwise inappropriate.
Trump troll: blah blah blah trum. Blah blah blah islam. Blah blah blah illegals.
Intelligent Human:MURR HURR!
by Mjforall December 17, 2015
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Hurr-Durr is a computer virus made in 9/17/2009, where a dog spinning dog was seen.
Aw, shoot! I got the Hurr-Durr virus!
by ASDYGH October 21, 2021
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