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a school full of wanna be bad asses, theater kids, and then there are those kids that play their violins during lunch. Our school where kids are allowed to wear tails but god forbid one female being wears leggings to school. Then there are those girls that walk through the halls bitching about how they don't get invited to another girls super super super sweet sixteen. And you can't forget the cocky assholes that roam the halls going from bathroom to bathroom doing whatever the hell they do. Congratulations central YOU SUCK
You go to hunterdon central hahaha I'm sorry
by Iheartcentral January 24, 2014
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Full of drug addict vape gods walking around asking people “you got any pods?” Like a desperate crackhead . Only the cool kids get lunch tables, lit rooms and access to the gym during lunch and the rest are stranded eating their lunch on the hallway floor like peasants. Oh and don’t forget about our crazy expensive lunches that sell 6 small popcorn chicken nuggets for 4$. Go Red Devils!!
Betty: my mom is making me go to smokers anonymous because she found my vape in my sock drawer

Ling Ling: Sucks! I can getcha another one on the low for 20 bucks


Dominik: Get out of my way you peasant with your dusty booty pizza! *stomps on kids food*

Kid: “oh ska doodles”


Buck: Got some Bocolate Bip Bookies?

Koidy: sorry we don’t sell that at hunterdon central
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by Menfroody September 13, 2018
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A MASSIVE high school full of the richest kids in America. Here you’ll find, the most cut throat althetic department, a vape in the hand of every student & BMWs & Audi’s in the parking lot. There is a diverse mix of athletes, art students, bratty daddy’s girls, kid genus’s, & edgy kids; but not a black student in sight. Everyone here does some kind of drug & everyone is in everyone’s business & everyone has sex with everyone. HC Hell Hole!
Hunterdon Central is a kill or be killed environment
by centralbrat666 April 28, 2019
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Hunterdon central or better known as HC Hell Hole is a school filled of students who own Juuls and do many different kinds of drugs. Kids begin drinking September of freshmen year and everyone gets senioritious sometime during their freshmen year. This school also has over priced meals. Fries are $1.75 and they are cold but it’s fine. But anyway yay goooo central!
Hunterdon Central: Where the wheels of learning ALWAYS keep turning
by hcrhsfan November 08, 2018
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hunterdon central Is a school filled with drug dealers and hoes who like to get down and dirty .
Hey let’s gets hunterdon central beer and bring by the barn yard tonight at billies !.
by iRobot May 08, 2019
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Its good and bad. Food? Way over priced. Teachers? Some great some bad. There is nice diversity amoung students but like the vaping needs to stop. You're not cool and you are only setting urself up for some sort of addiction. Bullying isn't a huge problem from what I have seen. Teen pep is like super fucking cringey too. Most people act like they are superior than everyone else which is fucking annoying. And wtf happened with the principal? Do we even still have one? Idfk anyway yeah lets just say the good doesnt out weigh the bad
Person 1: oh you go to the school Hunterdon Central?
Person 2: yeah its pretty shitty
by Ravenclawpride April 02, 2019
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