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Unattractive, fat white person. Derived from root words, "chunk," and, "honkey."
Holy moley, do you see the rolls on that hunkey? I think that her name is Rosie O'Donnell.
by TexasPetexviii February 19, 2011
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A general term to describe european immigrant workers at the turn of the Century. It started as a collective term by Bohemian, Hungarian, and Polish workers in the meat district of Chicago as "bohungs". African-American workers borrowed the prase and shortened first to "hungs" and later to "hunks" due to the easier pronunciation of voiceless Velar (K instead G). After work these men hung at Bars which had a Piano made by Mr. Tunk, thusly the
"honkeytunk bar" name originated.
Some sistahs prefer to date a hunkey instead of brothes.
by stevehorvath59 May 08, 2011
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