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something which is too good to be true, or something which is a real shit sitatuion to be in
Jeez dave thats a real hummdinger of a problem!
by cjklee March 06, 2005
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It when some chows down on your special area. Cough Blowjob or eating out.
“Hey Reece is your girlfriend giving you a sloppy Humm Dinger ?” Thomas 2018.
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by LFC4TP July 29, 2018
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“Hum-Ding-Er” commonly used is small council estates in Pembrokeshire, first one ever thrown was recorded in Charles street Neyland was said to cause that much of a disturbance every fucker was throwing noise complaints at Charles street , used to describe an almighty Anthony Joshua like right hook that shuts out the lights of a gobby twat with nonce like behaviour (rare punch , usually well deserved)
“That peado Dave went to stroke my dog so I dropped my pasty and unleashed a fat hummdinger on his chin”
by J•roller•Laws May 15, 2018
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