something which is too good to be true, or something which is a real shit sitatuion to be in
Jeez dave thats a real hummdinger of a problem!
by cjklee March 7, 2005
an unexpected finger rammed up one's ass.
i got really drunk and my girl friend said to bend over, little did i know i'd be getting the hummdinger.
by grimmyshaw June 6, 2010
“Hum-Ding-Er” commonly used is small council estates in Pembrokeshire, first one ever thrown was recorded in Charles street Neyland was said to cause that much of a disturbance every fucker was throwing noise complaints at Charles street , used to describe an almighty Anthony Joshua like right hook that shuts out the lights of a gobby twat with nonce like behaviour (rare punch , usually well deserved)
“That peado Dave went to stroke my dog so I dropped my pasty and unleashed a fat hummdinger on his chin”
by J•roller•Laws March 23, 2018
Hummdinger is when a person plays a humming tune with a harmonica on any part of another person’s body(ex. stomach, gooch,armpit, ear lobe, butthole etc.) More in detail a Hummdinger is when you put your mouth to a harmonica, then touching another’s body part ,whichever body part you prefer, then blowing into the harmonica to create a tune sounding like a hum. Doing so should create a vibrating sensation on the persons said chosen body part.“🎼🎶🎵Huummmmm Humm HuummHummmmmm🎵🎶🎼”
Helga: “Hey Igor would you like me to give you a super excellent hummdinger?”

Igor: “Um, sure Helga! Why not! I’ve never had anyone give me a hummdinger before but I will try everything once at least.”

Helga: “Great! I’m soooo excited about this!”
by ThisBeautifulGEM March 31, 2022