support group for thugs, an outreach program for those rare gang members who are looking the make a change for the better.
thug 1: yo dawg you almost killed that sick puppy back there.
thug 2: yeah i should really get some help from hugs for thugs
by kitchendooper July 30, 2009
The "Hug-A-Thug" program is an IMPLIED, UNOFFICIAL concept founded in the principles, philosophies, and policies & procedures of liberal minded, soft hearted detention facility administrators. Professional correctional officers feel that those admisitrators APPEAR more concerned with providing criminal offenders with FAR too many more "comforts of home" and personal rights and freedoms than they deserve, as opposed to providing them merely the basic necessary entitlements mandated to them by law.

Vis-a'-Vis, as a result professional correctional officers feel that this mind frame de-values and undermines the rights of the offenders victims' as well as OUR safety both inside and outside the facility.
After victimizing people in society and then asssaulting a jaili staff member, the Hug-a-thug program dictates that the inmate be returned to population without consequence.
by THE_Alpha_Male! May 27, 2012
Recently coined by cops and cynical criminologists, this is a police tactic where dealers are shown overwhelming evidence against them and given the choice between hard time or reform. In the areas where it's been applied, dealing and violent crimes have dropped by as much as 90%.
The cops played hug-a-thug with him and got him to go to school instead of deal.
by mickyjack045 February 4, 2009
Piece of shit bleeding heart liberals who cuddle and comfort murderers, rapist and child molesters in a correctional facility.
Chester the molester sexually assaulted a staff member. A week later Shari bought him a Happy Meal.
by Ron Berlin April 29, 2005
Recent terminology developed by a former thug and his aunt who believe that gangsters need love too.
Hug A Thug knows the streets can be tough gangsta, put down that gun and get a hug motha fucker!
by hugathug October 16, 2010
A holiday celebrated the first of November where you hug a thug.
"It's Hug A Thug Day!"
-Hugs thug-
by KawaiiKill October 31, 2010