The term “hugot” is a Filipino word which means to draw or to pull out. The usage of the hashtag “#hugot” became popular not so long ago and is usually used along with song lyrics, a quote, etc. that the person tweeting relates to; “#hugot” means the accompanying words draw emotions out of him/her.

Hugot. Usually words with potentially and personally deep sentimental or emotional undertones. Because feelings come from "deep within" so you have had to "hugot" your emotions first "from deep within" before you would've actually blurted them out in somehow emotionally undertoned words — subconsciously or otherwise.
#Hugot “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want."
by @Omni September 4, 2015
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It's a Filipino slang term (literally "to pull out) for expressing feelings (usually love), creating a "deep meaning" to it.

It's roughly equivalent that you usually find in r/im14andthisisdeep.

When you hear a very emotional or romantic song and you start tearing up because you remember memories of your ex, the song is said to be hugot.

When someone tells a story and you react strongly to it because you have similar experiences and start crying, the story is said to be hugot.

It is only said in a joking manner though. It’s a way to blunt the impact somewhat.

It can be very cringe sometimes that can make your soul come out of your body.
"You wanna know what's the best thing in my life, it's the first word in my sentence"

Wow, this hugot is so deep, I'm going to read more cringe novels in Wattpad.
by isamuhayashi October 8, 2020
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Change is inevitable bro.

Wow! Hugot ba yan?
by Gilas Pinas September 25, 2015
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Filippino slang for cathartic.
Songs guaranteed to bring out that 'hugot' moment.
by balupton January 14, 2019
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a Filipino word which means the grieving period after a heartbreak

People who are "making hugot" usually listen to Sam Smith and making cheesy lines about how there is no such thing as forever.
Teacher: So, does everyone get the lesson?
Student 1: Eh sir, how do I compute for the velocity of how fast I am falling for you?
Student 2: Di yan velocity. Speed yan. Wala naman pinagtutunguan yan eh.
Student 1: Haha hugot.
Girl 1: Beh I can't stop listening to Sam Smith.
Girl 2: Ay naku. You're just making hugot kasi you broke up with that fuckboy eh
Girl 1: Di lahat ng nakikinig ng Sam Smith sawi
by Queen Vail July 13, 2015
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